Space Engineers: Thruster Damage Range

Space Engineers Thruster and Their Damage Range

This is a list of all of the vanilla Space Engineers thrusters and their damage range. I saw many guides in the past all showing different results, so I decided to test it for myself. Atmospheric Thrusters Small Grid – Small Atmospheric Thrusters: 1 Small Grid Block Small Grid – Large Atmospheric Thrusters: 4 Small … Read more

Space Engineers: How to Find Ores (New Ore Patches)

The survival update added a lot of things, but also made ores harder to find. Where to Find Ores Since the Survival Update has changed the ore generation significantly on planets, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything now. Or are you? Turns out, all they did was change the way the voxel appears on … Read more

Space Engineers: A Simple Methodology for Defeating Autorespawn

A simple methodology for defeating autorespawn. Abstract With the latest update, you may have noticed that spawning has changed. Many servers now have “autorespawn” enabled, meaning you no longer get to choose which grid to spawn at. Instead, you automatically respawn at the grid closest to your death. Two timer blocks per grid is all … Read more

Space Engineers – Thruster Exhaust Flame Length

Ever wanted to hide the thruster inside your ship? If yes, you need to know what is the safe distance for placing blocks again so that you can make the most efficient design. That’s what I want to share with you in this guide! Flame Length of thrusters (Max range under Optimal conditions) Ion Large … Read more

Space Engineers – How to Remove the Sun, Skybox, and the Planet Glare

This guide will provide the information on how to remove the Sun, Skybox, and planet glare without any mods. Requirements All you need to have is access to your Space Engineers folder and notepad, notepad+, or notepad++. Where to find your Space Engineers folder The most simple way to get to your Space Engineers folder … Read more

Space Engineers – Defense Shield Basics

This guide explains the changes to Defense Shields and how to set them up. A mod for Space Engineers. Defense Shield Basics: What parts do what Hello, Engineers. Seems there is some confusion on how the update to shields works, so here’s some visual aids. The Control block controls your shield emitters, all settings for … Read more

Space Engineers – Survival for Beginners

New to Space Engineers? Well this is the guide for you if you are planning to play in survival mode. It will talk about the basics of survival mode and how to get through the problems and attacks you will encounter. Other Space Engineers Guides: Space Engineers – Defense Shield Basics Space Engineers – Thruster Exhaust … Read more