Strange Brigade – Beginners Guide

Strange Brigade - Beginners Guide

A comprehensive beginners guide to Strange Brigade. Introduction Welcome fellow adventurers! The Strange Brigade await your expert skills when dealing with the undead legions! Travel through exotic landscapes in search of treasure and adventure. Whether you like to play solo, or sally forth as a team of up to 4 players in online co-op, you … Read more

Strange Brigade – All Characters

Strange Brigade - All Characters

Strange Brigade Characters Other Strange Brigade Guides: Strange Brigade Beginners Guide Nalangu Rushida As a Maasai Spirit-Warrior it is Nalangu’s destiny to protect her people against supernatural threats. Having joined the Strange Brigade after an encounter with Lady Imelda Webster it is now Nalangu’s task to not just protect her tribe, but the entire human … Read more

Strange Brigade – Guide to Photo Mode

Strange Brigade - Guide to Photo Mode

How to capture the marvels before your eyes so that the dusty academics back home will believe you? This very guide will transform you from an aimless amateur to an adulated auteur! Welcome to the Strange Brigade Photo Mode! At any point during your adventuring, you can access Photo Mode from the Pause menu. You … Read more