Trailmakers – How to make a Boat in Trailmakers without Hovers

This guide is to help trailmakers players to make a boat like vehicle without the excessive use of hovers. Building materials Building a boat can be a difficult task, but is managable. For this task you will need blocks from three classes: the first being frame blocks which are things like the basic 2×4, bouyant … Read more

Trailmakers – Controls and Tips Collection

Controls Character and Vehicle Controls WASD to move in a direction while running or driving WASD to tilt your vehicle while it is in the air RMB press and hold to change the camera view C to switch between different camera views while in a vehicle F to enter a vehicle with a seat R … Read more

Trailmakers – How to use blue prints from the Trailmakers Gallery

A short guide. Finding The Creations Visit The Trailmakers Gallery And Click On The Desired Vehicle. Next Click The Download Button And Save It To Your Desktop. Adding The Vehicle Into The Game It May Seem Like A Pointless PNG Image But It Really Isn’t. Launch Trailmakers And Enter Sandbox Mode. Then Open Your Build … Read more