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The Long Dark Hank’s Hatch Walkthrough

Sidequest: Hank’s Hatch

This sidequest is not available until you complete Chapter 4. Once you’ve been kicked out of Trapper’s Cabin, head towards the Unnamed Pond. To get there, turn left after leaving Trapper’s and follow the wall until you find a frozen pond and hunter’s blind. You’ll find another magic fire and a body!

Search the body for a note and a key! This key goes to the lockbox in the Lookout. You may have found the box when exploring Mystery Lake, and now you have a key for it.

When you open the lockbox, there’s a journal page and instructions on entering the prepper cache. Hank’s hatch is found behind a big rock near the logging camp. Follow the railroad to Carter Dam until you reach the Loading Area (there will be a vehicle on the tracks and a yellow sign on your left). You want to turn left, and then hug the wall next to the yellow sign.

Enter the combination you found in Hank’s lockbox–it’s in your notes section of the journal (4th from the top)–and you’ve completed the mission. The hatch has Hank’s body and more of his side-story, but the important part is all the food. This is a great mission to complete if you need food while waiting for auroras.

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