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The Long Dark The Wounded Trapper Walkthrough (Episode 2 Chapter 1)

The Long Dark Episode 2 Guides:

Chapter 1: The Wounded Trapper

The Trapper needs medicine, and the stuff Will has on hand isn’t good enough. Fortunately, there’s an abandoned hydroelectric dam that probably has some prescription-level stuff. Plus there might be some radio parts we can “borrow”.

As before, the map will show you exactly where to go. I personally like to follow the railroad to get to the Dam, but feel free to get there however you want. There will be some wolves, but you can scare them away by lighting a fire or flare. You can also try shooting them with the rifle, but it can be a bit difficult to hit a wolf that’s charging at you so keep that in mind. Not to mention the rifle isn’t in the best condition and can jam on you.

Also, despite what the old man says, there’s no risk of running into the Old Bear (aside from scripted cutscenes). So please do not shoot at any bears you might come across; it’s most likely just going to cause them to maul you instead of scaring them away.

Once you reach the Dam, you’ll find that it’s properly locked up, as any industrial area should be. To get in, you need the fence key. It can be found in the left trailer (when facing them) on the desk.

Click on the gate for a dramatic cutscene and then enter the dam to begin looking for the medication. Go ahead and loot the place while you’re here, but don’t bother going down the stairs; it’s blocked off in story mode.

If you didn’t get a distress pistol in the previous episode or are starting fresh, you can get one here. If you did get one, go ahead and open the case anyways. There are some extra flare shells, which are always useful.

Anyways, let’s continue with story objectives. To save some time, go ahead and search the body next to the distress pistol; he’ll be holding an office key.

When you leave the bathroom, there will be a stairwell on your left. Head upstairs and you’ll find the office area. And how lucky for Will, there’s a red locker here that just screams “medical supplies”.

On the unlucky side, it’s locked. Head to the office in the back (with an actual door instead of cubicles) and unlock it with the key you found on the dead body. You’ll find the key to the medical locker on the desk. The radio parts you need will be on a workbench just outside the office.

Once you’ve gotten them both and have looted the dam to your heart’s content, head on back to the Trapper’s cabin. There will be another scene (where Will demonstrates that he has no idea how to properly administer a shot) and some dialogue options. As before, click the blue ones to hurry the story along. However, the trapper won’t talk to you again finishing the required dialogue so click on any white-colored text that you’re interested in from the beginning.

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