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The Long Dark Renewed Hope Walkthrough (Episode 2 Chapter 4)

The Long Dark Episode 2 Guides:

Chapter 4: Renewed Hope

So the bad news is that we’re locked out of Trapper’s Cabin now. The good news is that Jeremiah didn’t steal all our stuff.

So the game starts you off with full stats right before sunrise. You’ll want to make a beeline the Camp Office, since you need somewhere to sort through all your stuff. You can also put it in the bin outside Trapper’s Cabin if you’re sure you don’t need it.

Unlike most of the story quests, the aurora is not scripted. That means you’re going to have to camp out near the dam until it shows up. I would recommend staying at the trailers right in front of the dam so you don’t have to dodge aurora wolves. Or you can even stay in the dam itself if you have a bedroll.

Because you could be waiting for several days until the game gives you an aurora, I would recommend you use the “hibernating” tactic. This takes advantage of the fact that you restore more condition during a standard 10-hour sleep than you lose from starving all day. In this case, you want to sleep through the day and look for signs of the aurora during the night. Before going to sleep, eat exactly 750 calories (Will’s calorie load is on the status screen) and drink so that the thirst meter is full.

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Auroras only show up at night, in clear weather. Therefore, it is possible for an aurora to start at sundown, but then disappear by midnight. You’ll want to pass time in one hour increments during the night to minimize the chance of missing the aurora. If you’re really low on resources, you can also save just before sundown and then check for an aurora throughout the night. If you don’t get one, just reload your save. Weather in this game is randomized, so you might get some aurora weather after reloading.

Anyways, whatever tactic you go for, head towards the Dam. Once you enter the gated area, you’ll see Methuselah again. And the best part is that he has a magic fire!

Go ahead and talk to him for some more cryptic words. But it does seem Will is warming up to the old man, for all his mysterious ways. This is also a great place to stay if you have a bedroll, what with the endless fire.

Once the aurora starts (Will comments on it, which helps you know it’s happening), go inside the dam. You have limited time so head straight for the control room door. You’ll see a keypad next to it that Will can interact with, allowing you to enter the control room.

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Loot what you want and open the safe if you have the time. To progress, go to the switch box in the room and turn it on; this will allow you to use the elevator in the room next door.

Of course the elevator breaks… There’s a prybar in the backpack if you didn’t bring an extra, so use that to pry open the doors. And welcome to the land of electric burns!

Touch any of those sparking wires and you’ll lose condition and get a burn affliction. You want to make your way to the stairwell on the left side of the room when you first exit the elevator. This will let you get up on the platforms. From there, you can cross to the other side and climb down the rope to bypass the electricity.

After climbing down, head to the door on your right to enter the Lower Dam area.

From here it’s a straight shot. Once you enter the turbine room, you’ll see that the path is completely blocked by wires. And on your right is a power box.

After passing the first turbine, look to your left to see some planks along the side of the wall. You can use these to get to the power box, which you can use to turn off the electricity.

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After turning off the wires, just keep going straight. You’ll come to another stairwell blocked by electricity. You can wait and learn the timing of the sparks to get past, or you can tank it to go up the stairs. Keep going and you’ll get your ending cutscene…. a cliffhanger…lovely…

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  1. I’ve completed this so far, but what happens next? Did Hinterland studio announced the continuation of the story? I can’t seem to find anything online 🙁

    • Tonnali, it’s been a year, did you figure anything out?
      I think I’ve covered all the space in the dam, although I haven’t done the safe. I’m at the lower level door just staring at the lock…nothing works.
      Is there still a cut scene (like there was when Ep2 was the ‘end’) ?


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