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theHunter: Call of the Wild – Easiest Way To Get Money and XP

In this guide I will show you the easiest way I’ve found to level up fast and gain money even faster through duck hunting.

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DLC’s You’ll Need

For this to work properly, you need to have the Duck and Cover DLC. I would also recommend getting the Tents DLC to allow easy travel between stands and get the most out of your decoys.

Hot Spots to Set Up Your Structures On

In the screenshot I have highlighted hot spots that I use to gain my money. You don’t have to use the same areas that I do, but a good rule of thumb to use when finding an area to set up at is be vigilant of where the ducks spawn in and try to go there. This is very important later on.

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How To Set Up Your Structures

When I make my camps I try to have my tent in an area so when I spawn in, I can see the decoys and the ducks around them. Since ducks spook rather easily, I don’t want to have to run from my camp to the decoy and risk scaring them all off.

Setting up your water fowl blind isn’t necessary for this technique, but if you would also like to use these locations to wait for duck you can go right ahead, just make sure not to block the view of the decoys from the tent and have it off to the side if you can like so:


For the loadout you don’t need much at all, you get three free shotguns when you buy the Duck and Cover DLC so you should purchase them all and equip them, this way you don’t have to reload after just 3 shots. You should also bring the duck caller in case when you travel to the tent there are more duck flying overhead. And you should ONLY use birdshot, since birdshot is so dang cheap this method is extremely cost efficient.

How To Get as Many Ducks as Possible

When you’re all set up and ready to use the blinds, you want to travel to the tent, and wait for a few seconds if you don’t see any ducks, but chances are the game has spawned in a full group of duck on the location and not the small groups you get when calling for them. Sometimes when you’re shooting ducks the game bugs and more spawn in, which just means more to kill. Since the hunting pressure relieves pretty fast for ducks, you can hit up all the blinds and keep going on a cycle. If duck don’t spawn, just wait a couple minutes and head back to the blind. If you get lucky with a big group you can harvest as many as 10 ducks at once.

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So now you know the easiest way to gain money and XP in TheHunter! After a few hours you can get loads of money. In 2 hours my score reached 228,000 from cycling through all of my blinds.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Dird

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