This Is the Police 2 – The riddle of the purloined data

this is the police 2

The riddle of the purloined data

The second investigation to destroy the Woodsmen gang.

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Who committed the crime: The owner of the convertible.

Sequence (ignoring the first and last photos):

  • A convertible approaches the rear entrance of the hospital.
  • The driver climbs inside the building through the bars on the window.
  • He takes the computer outside.
  • The suspect puts the computer in his car.
  • He leaves the crime scene by car.

Interrogation of the criminal:

  • Ask why the man did not stay to work as a stuntman.
  • Find out what he means by saying ‘’suitable vessels’’.
  • Ask him how difficult is it to choose the ideal candidates. Perhaps he notices them from the first sight.

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