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Two Point Hospital – Patients and Staff Guide


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The patient panel will give you an overview of everything about them. Their current health, happiness and energy, as well as the condition they have, what they’re feeling, a breakdown of the illness and its stats (such as difficulty, and whether your staff will be able to handle it), which room they’re currently going to, and how long they’ve been in the hospital.

At the bottom, you’ll see a panel of actions you can make on them. They are:

  • Send Home – send the patient home, useful if the difficulty is high and your skill is low, and you don’t want to risk failing a treatment or flat out killing them
  • Send for Treatment – force them to go for a treatment without being fully diagnosed; useful if you need to hurry them along and believe your skill will cover it, but risky as a forced treatment can kill them

Staff Overview

The staff panel shows you everything you need to know. You’ll see their rating, what they’re trained in, their salary (which you can increase if you want), their happiness and energy, where they’re currently working, how they’re feeling, and a list of actions you can perform on that staff member. Those actions are:

  • Pick up – Move the staff member somewhere else
  • Fire – Fire the staff member. The box will show you their stats (how many they’ve let die, saved, etc.), as well as give you a reason not to fire them. My favorite so far? They threatened to “burn all their swans” if I let them go
  • Take a break – Send them to the nearest staff room, regardless of energy
  • Pay review – Opens the financial screen to show you their pay in relation to everyone else
  • Jobs – Opens the job screen so you can assign or unassign them jobs, such as if you want doctors with the Research trait to only ever work in the research room
  • Train – Immediately opens the training screen so you can send this staff member to the room
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Staff may want to resign

If your staff are unhappy for whatever reason, you’ll receive an email with an angry red face stamped on it. This is a letter of resignation, and it gives you a certain amount of time (I’ve always had 90 days so far) to fix the issues that staff member has, or they’ll quit.

Some of the reasons they may quit are:

  • Desperate for the toilet – you have too few toilets for the amount of people, which cause a delay; add more toilets
  • Ugly environment – the hospital’s attractiveness is low; improve it by adding plants, posters, etc.
  • Underpaid – fix this by giving them a raise

Staff – Traits

Your staff can have up to five traits, which they either come with, or can be trained in the Training room. Generally, the more stars and more traits a staff member has, the more expensive they’ll be to hire and keep, and will request higher amounts of money when asking for a promotion.

For traits that come in levels of I to V, you can expect them to be:

  • I – Default 10% to that skill
  • II – Enhanced
  • III – Advanced
  • IV – Elite
  • V – World Class

All Staff Traits

  • Emotional Intelligence: +10% Happiness
  • Motivation I: 10% Speed
  • Treatment I: +10% Treatment Skill
  • Treatment II: Enhanced Treatment skill
  • Treatment III: Advanced Treatment skill
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Doctor Traits

  • Bedside Manner: Increases patient happiness when interacting
  • Diagnostics: +10% Diagnostics Skill
  • General Practice I: +15% Diagnosis Skill in GP’s Office
  • General Practice II: Enhance GP skill, additional +15%
  • Psychiatry I: Allows a doctor to work in the Psychiatry office
  • Psychiatry II: +20 Treatment, +20 Diagnosis in Psychiatry

Nurse Traits

  • Bedside Manner: Increases patient happiness when interacting
  • Pharmacy Management: +20% Treatment Skill when in the Pharmacy
  • Training Masterclass: +50% Teaching Speed, +50% Learning Speed
  • Ward Management I: +20 Diagnosis and +20 Treatment in Ward, +20 Treatment in Fracture Ward
  • Ward Management II: Enhanced diagnosis, Ward treatment, and Fracture Ward treatment

Assistant Traits

  • Customer Service I: +50% Customer Service Skill
  • Customer Service II: Enhanced Customer Service skill (reception and retail)
  • Customer Service III: Advanced Customer Service skill (reception and retail)
  • Stamina Training: Energy drains slower; works longer before needing a break

Janitor Traits

  • Ghost Capture: Able to detect and capture ghosts
  • Maintenance: +30% Maintenance Skill
  • Mechanics I: Ability to upgrade machines
  • Mechanics II: Enhanced upgrade skill

Staff – Personalities

Staff come with various personalities, which can be either a positive or a negative to how they’ll work, interact with others, and dictate their job satisfaction.

Functional Personalities

Functional personalities are ones that have a plus or minus effect. Some of these are:

  • A natural mentor: +50% Teaching Speed
  • Class clown: Entertains people, increasing happiness
  • Expensive: Will only remain happy when paid a lot, and given a high raise at promotion time
  • Funny: Makes people laugh, which increases happiness
  • Green fingers: Waters plants when not actively working
  • Grumpy: Permanent -10% to happiness
  • Hangry: -10% happiness when hungry
  • Has magic healing hands: Increases the health of their patients
  • Has potential: +50% Learning Speed
  • High energy: Works longer without needing a break
  • Hygienic: Will use things like sinks and disinfectant more often, potentially wasting time
  • Inspiring: Improves the mood of those around him
  • Lazy: Will take breaks more often
  • Motivated: +20% Speed
  • Nasty: Upsets others, lowering their happiness
  • Short Temper: Becomes nasty when angry
  • Suffers from spontaneous bouts of dozing: Randomly falls asleep, wasting time and delaying diagnosis/treatment
  • Terribly dull: Makes people around them bored
  • Thinks their life is a romcom: Falls in and out of love, affecting happiness
  • Unhygienic: Doesn’t wash their hands, lowering the treatment/diagnosis success
  • Will work for peanuts: Will take a lower salary and lower raise at promotion time, without affecting happiness too much
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Flavor Personalities

Flavor personalities are fun, cute, weird or questionable traits a staff member may have, but they don’t actually affect any aspect of the game. Some of these are:

  • A means to an end
  • Befriends quadrupeds
  • Chases animals at the park
  • Doesn’t remember that night
  • Has baggage
  • Has some regrets
  • Just like everyone else
  • Level 2 Orbling
  • Loses track of children
  • Loves pudding
  • Not one of a kind
  • Once battled an orchard
  • One-handed backhand
  • Sarcastically frames trivial things
  • Season ticket holder at The Sloop
  • Sleep gallops
  • Their dog has no nose
  • Their handwriting makes them seem boring
  • Thinks clouds probably have feelings

Staff – Challenges

Occasionally, you’ll receive an email from a member of your staff with a certain challenge they want you to do. If you accomplish the challenge within the timeframe, you’ll earn a bonus to your happiness, and some additional Kudosh. If you fail the challenge, it doesn’t seem to have an immediate affect, and as of right now (August 30th, 2018), there’s no text telling you of any negative outcome.

Some of the challenges you’ll be able to accept or decline are:

  • Cure 20 patients
  • Get a Level 5 room (this can be any room, as long as you get it to Prestige Level 5)

Updated: 9.9.2018

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