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Valheim Fishing Guide: How to Fish

To be able to fishing you need a fishing rod and fishing bait that you can buy in a merchant.

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Valheim Fishing Guide

How to Fish:

  1. Equip your fishing rod and get some bait in your inventory.
  2. Look for fishes in the sea, lake or similar. Don’t randomly throw your hook in to the sea.
  3. Left click using the fishing rod. Longer you hold left click further away the hook will go. You will spend one bait every left click.
  4. Wait until a fish hit your hook, when the hook goes down press right click and hold it until the fish is close enough to be able to pick it pressing E.

Where to Find Fishing Rod

fishing time valheim

Another item you can’t just craft yourself—and this is a real shame—is a fishing rod. If you want to go fishing, you’ll need to find a trader, a randomly spawning NPC you can find (or try to find) in the Black Forest.

The Black Forest is a biome you can find if you strike out from your starting biome in the center of the map (The Meadows). As you get further from the center, you’ll eventually see a change in the environment: pine trees and fir trees, caves guarded by skeletons, and more greylings, trolls, and other monsters. It’s much more dangerous than The Meadows, so be cautious.

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And the trader is… well, somewhere in the Black Forest. Valheim’s map is procedurally generated, and the trader can spawn in a number of different places so I can’t give you a precise location. I personally haven’t found him yet myself! But if you find get close, you’ll see an icon on your minimap marking his location, and you can buy a fishing rod from him.

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