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Valheim Warehouse Build Guide (Simple but Aesthetic)

Valheim Warehouse Build Guide

An blueprint for a simple but aesthetic warehouse.

I have build a warehouse for our new castle and since I thought it looks pretty, I decided to share it.

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If something is unclear or you feel like there is room for improvement, just leave a short comment and I will make an update.

Blueprint and Screenshots

View from the outside.

View from the inside.



  • Thin lines = floor
  • Thick lines = wall


  • 236 Wood for the building
  • 540 Wood for the chests


  • You can extend the length of the wareouse depending on your needs. The shown one has space for 54 chests.
  • This build only works with the normal chests. If you want to use the iron ones, you have to skip the middle row (if you want to keep the aestetics).
  • If you feel like you need more chests on the same space, you can add a 4th row. I just didn’t like that because it seems to high up compared to the char size.
  • In order to place the 3rd row, extend the second floor a little and step up.
  • I have added extra space for the door, so that it doesn’t block your movement inside the warehouse.
Written by Judaspriester

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