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Witcher 3 Payback Walkthrough

Payback Walkthrough

Ciri can be found in the courtyard outside of the Passiflora Brothel, just east of the St Gregory’s Bridge fast travel signpost. After speaking with Ciri, you’ll have the opportunity to start the quest right away or to meet her elsewhere.

Part 1: Finding Junior

Note: Depending on the choice you made during the ‘Get Junior’ quest, the first part of this quest will differ. Here are the consequences of your actions:

  • Option 1 – Junior is Dead
  • Option 2 – Junior is Alive

Option 1 – Junior is Dead

If Junior is dead, you’ll meet Ciri near Temple Isle, where after a brief conversation, you can follow her. You’ll end up in a conversation with a pair of Whoreson’s thugs outside his hideout. During this conversation you will be given a pair of options:

  • Use AXII (Level 3) – They will let you inside without trouble. This option will also net you 40XP.
  • “Get outta my way or regret it” – This will start a fight in which you will have to beat them both up, after which they’ll let you inside.

Once inside, head upstairs and speak with Whoreson in his office. After a brief conversation, we can leave and our objectives will be updated.

Note: For completing the quest you’ll earn 200XP.

Option 2 – Junior is Alive

If Whoreson Junior is still alive, you’ll meet Ciri in The Bits, where after a brief conversation, you can follow her. After a short walk and a brief conversation the quest objectives will be updated.

Note: For completing the quest you’ll earn 200XP.

Part 2: Fun in Novigrad

Once you have completed the first part of the quest revolving around Whoreson Junior, you will need to follow Ciri as she walks all the way to the Golden Sturgeon Tavern on the Novigrad Docks.

Upon entering the Golden Sturgeon you’ll immediately be thrown into a conversation with some thugs, the options include:

  • “Leave on your own…” – This will cause the thugs to leave without incident.
  • “Or I’ll throw you out.” – this will trigger a fight in which you’ll need to beat up the thugs.

No matter the choice you make, the NPC we came to see will have a chat with Ciri and after a brief catch up, we’ll be free to leave once again.

Note: For completing the quest you’ll earn 200XP.

Exit the Golden Sturgeon and once again follow Ciri, she’ll lead you all the way south, across the Portside gate bridge and to the southernmost part of Novigrad. When you arrive at your destination another conversation will break out.

During this conversation you are given the opportunity to take part in a horse race with Ciri and Valdo. If you choose to race, the standard horse racing tactics apply you’ll need to follow the black racing line on the mini-map whilst going through the lit up checkpoints on route. Be sure to get out to a good start and slow down to recharge your horse’s batteries on narrow pieces of track so that the competition can’t get by.

Following the race and an evening of revelry, one of the fellows we met earlier will come up and ask us to join him on a mission to steal some horses. There are multiple options in this conversation, but only two that will lead anywhere:

  • “I won’t steal” – this will result in a fist fight and the quest will end shortly thereafter.
  • “Let’s steal some horses” – this option will result in an extended stay in the quest, follow the walkthrough below.

If you decided to help steal some horses, you’ll find yourself back in control of Geralt outside of some stables. Climb up the wooden scaffold to the left of the doorway to reach the roof and then cross the planks to reach a doorway. Head inside.

Inside the stable, you’ll see several horses below and a sleeping guard over to the left. We need to be quiet in here – which means walking very slowly otherwise we’ll bother the horses who will in turn wake the guard. If you see the horses getting antsy, hit them with an AXII sign to calm them down.

Climb down the ladder and slowly make your way over to the sleeping guard. On a table to his left you’ll find the Stable Key. Use the Key to open the door next to the table.

After a few scenes, the quest will draw to a close.

Note: For completing the quest you’ll earn 300XP.

At this point you can move on to ‘Blindingly Obvious’ or ‘The Great Escape’ and if you have finished both, move forward with ‘Through Time and Space’.

If you are following the guide, its time to head over to Crippled Kate’s to speak with Yennefer to kick off the next quest – ‘The Great Escape’.

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