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Hollow Knight How to Find & Use Every Simple Key

Simple Keys are important objects to track down in Hollow Knight. These keys can give players access to very important areas of the game that can make the player stronger and lead to important fights. It’s in the player’s best interest to track down and locate every single Simple Key in the game and use them.

Location Of The First Simple Key

How To Find & Use Every Simple Key

The First Simple Key is probably the easiest to find in this indie game. The Merchant Sly has one for sale if the player has 950 Geo on hand. Sly is initially encountered in the southeastern section of the Forgotten Crossroads inside a run-down house and later moves to Dirtmouth.

Fortunately there’s no way to block access to this key as his shop only closes if you’ve purchased everything which includes the Simple Key. Accumulating 950 Geo shouldn’t be too much of a problem with the right money-making strategy. Grinding Moss Knights on Greenpath is a solid way to make Geo early on.

Location Of The Second Simple Key

How To Find & Use Every Simple Key

The second Simple Key is tucked away in the City of Tears. Below the City Storerooms is a large room guarded by Winged Sentries. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the Whispering Root nearby. Once the enemies are cleared out the player will find the Simple Key tucked into an alcove on the right alcove.

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Winged Sentries can be finicky enemies to deal with in this indie game. Using spells is best as they have an annoying habit of dancing outside the player’s range. Counter-attacking when they swoop down or Nail-bouncing on them is also a solid way to deal with a Winged Sentry.

Location Of The Third Simple Key

How To Find & Use Every Simple Key

The Third Simple Key can be found in the Ancient Basin it’s down the looping path on the left side. To access the key, players will need the Crystal Heart ability to fly past a section of spikes. After platforming down to the bottom the player will defeat a Malwark.

Past this living Malwark is a deceased one that players can enter into. Inside is the corpse of a Royal Retainer who’s holding the key. As mentioned before Crystal Heart will be required to get this Simple Key so players will want to grab that ability from the old mining golem in Crystal Peak.

Location Of The Fourth Simple Key

How To Find & Use Every Simple Key

This Simple Key is a bit tricky to find compared to the others. This is because it’s found in a secret area next to the Colosseum of Fools. Directly above the main corridor, the player follows the path to the left and then doubles back to the right. Here there’s a breakable wall, assuming the player has the Godmaster DLC, leading to the Pale Lurker’s Retreat.

The Pale Lurker is a tricky boss to take down, but necessary if the player wants the final Simple Key. One tactic is to use ranged attacks like Vengeful Spirit or Grubberyfly’s Elegy Charm while she’s running around. The other tactic is to quickly close and strike in melee using Dash Slash if its buffed with the Sharp Shadow Charm.

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Accessing The Royal Waterways

How To Find & Use Every Simple Key

One of the Simple Keys can be used to access the Royal Waterways. To do this players want to go to a room next to the Fountain Square in the City of Tears where a hatch is located. The Simple Key will unlock the hatch and give an access point from the City of Tears.

The Royal Waterways is part of the main questline so the player is all but required to obtain a Simple Key to access this area. It is possible to reach this place via the Tram in Kingdom’s Edge using the Crystal heart near Isma’s Grove. But this a long and convoluted route as opposed to simply spending 950 Geo so having the Simple Key is preferable.

Accessing the Secret Cave of Dirtmouth

How To Find & Use Every Simple Key

A Simple Key can be used to open the secret cave in Dirtmouth. Players will likely be familiar with the stone door by the graveyard at the base of Crystal Peak, many NPCs will speak about it after all. In this room is the merchant Confessor Jiji, or Steel Soul Jinn if playing on Steel Soul Mode.
Jiji offers to summon the Knight’s Shade from wherever it appears in the world in exchange for Rancid Eggs. This is incredibly valuable if the Shade is in a hard-to-reach spot or in a difficult area. Jinn offers a different service as death is permanent in Steel Soul mode. She’ll offer the player between 290 and 449 Geo for each Rancid Egg.

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Accessing The Pleasure House

How To Find & Use Every Simple Key

The Pleasure House is another area that can be accessed with a Simple Key and is arguably worth the investment. Its located in the City of Tears to the right of the Watcher’s Spire directly north of the Gorgeous Husk.

Here the player can interact with the Songstress Mariss who only offers dialogue and a bit of lore. The real reason to go here is to create a shortcut to the Resting Grounds and Millibelle. Millibelle is initially a banker that allows the player to avoid losing money upon death. But if Millibelle is given 2,550 Geo she becomes a thief and runs away to hide here in the Pleasure House. The player can attack her getting their money back, plus a little interest.

Accessing The Junk Pit

How To Find & Use Every Simple Key

This is arguably the most important use of a Simple Key and is required if pursuing the Godmaster content. The Junk Pit is behind a breakable wall in the western section of the Royal Waterways. It’s just above the Flukemarm Arena.

Inside the Junk Pit is a golden cocoon that requires a Simple Key to unlock. Inside this glittering shell is the Godseeker who drops the Godtuner and starts the player on a path to facing the false gods of Godhome. Players should be prepared for a series of tough fights.

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