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Outward: Blue Chamber Collective

Blue Chamber Collective

The Blue Chamber Collective headquarters is located in the city of Berg in the Enmerkar Forest. The meetings take place in the Blue Chamber. Take the road to the southeast of Chersonese.

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Key to cellar in Cierzo; Peacekeeper Elixir (+20 HP +20 Stamina +20 Mana); Lantern of Souls (unlimited fuel, provides resistances); Crimson Plate Armor; +40 (80?) HP buff (if you successfully negotiate with giants).

Note: You can also acquire the cellar key if you side with other factions. Just speak to Burca in Cierzo – instead of Rissa – after choosing another faction.

Favored Build: Tank.

The Blue Chamber Collective has been the most stable power in Aurai for a great many years. The overwhelming majority of tribes on the continent claim membership, although the degree to which they participate varies wildly.

The core belief of the Blue Chamber Collective is that nothing matters more than family, and that all members of a tribe are an extension of one’s family. As such, everyone is expected to look after one another and pull their own weight as best they can. However, their laws are harsh. Citizens are judged as bloodlines, not as individuals.

Therefore, if someone commits a crime, their entire family must pay what is known as a Blood Price, a repayment of silver to the wronged party. The Blood Price is rarely demanded at once, but rather is paid off in smaller payments, especially in situations where the family has limited wealth or family members to draw from. Through this system, mob rule and and revenge are usually avoided, although not always.

For crimes that are unforgivably awful, or if an individual continually shows no desire to mend the wrongs they have committed, the guilty individual is exiled from their tribe forever.

The Collective prefers not to take lives, seeing it as a horrible waste, and will only mete out death as punishment in the most dire of emergencies, or in self-defense.

Lineage is traced from the mother’s side in the Collective.

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