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Outward: Heroic Kingdom of Levant

Heroic Kingdom of Levant

Levant (Abrassar Desert). Take the southeast exit from Chersonese, then travel eastward through the Enmerkar Forest, then make your way south through the Abrassar Desert.

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Peacekeeper Elixir (+20 HP +20 Stamina +20 Mana); Camoflauge Tent; house; Alchemical Experiment (Passive: +15% all damage) or 2x Great Life Potion; Zagis Mask, Zagis Chestpiece; 6x Gold Ingot, 1x Cannon Pistol, 12x Bullets 1x Ornate Pistol; 2x Spicy Meringue 1x Cooking Meringue Recipe.

Favored Builds: Two-handed melee; Mercenary.

The Heroic Kingdom of Levant is a new power that has split off from the Blue Chamber’s ways by promising to liberate the population from the harsh obligations of their current lives by creating a new utopia.

After the Scourge struck Aurai, the Abrassar region swiftly turned into an inhospitable desert and was overrun by the Beasts of the Scourge. Worst of all, it was beset by a truly enormous Scourge Beast, the Devourer, that forced the residents of Abrassar to flee for their lives.

Many years later, a mercenary couple, Simeon and Calixa, led an army into the Abrassar Desert and purged it of the Scourge, managing to do the impossible and slay the huge Beast.

The bounty they reaped for their deeds was enough to found a kingdom. So, under the advice of their dear friend Kirouac, and with the blessing of Elatt that’s exactly what they did. They repurposed one of the ancient fortresses of the Old Levant tribes into a great walled city and set about trying to bring about their vision of a utopia.

The Kingdom of Levant operates outside of the Blue Chamber’s authority, and does not recognize the usual tenets of Tribal Law, opting instead for a much more individualistic approach. Rather than focus on the survival of the group, Levant champions the ideals of progress and personal freedom, believing that if everyone gets the chance to chase their dreams, everyone will eventually benefit.

Levant has a standing army that answers to the Royal Family, but also employs many mercenary bands, relying on them to do most of the work to keep the region safe from the many dangerous animals and bandits that make Abrassar their home.

In recent times, the Heroic Kingdom has begun to suffer an overpopulation problem as people flock to the city, eager for a new start. A rugged slum has cropped up in the ruined district to the south of the city as a result.

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