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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Music of the Abyss Walkthrough

Rustling, grating, squeaking, and humming, a thousand mind-bending little voices – a vescavor swarm stands in the way of the crusader army. It’s not the sort of opponent that these valorous knights expected to fight – not an enemy army, not even a huge monster, but a horde of tiny gluttonous beasts, able to pick a soldier to the bone, armor and all. Victory over the swarm will require desperate measures.

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The Music of the Abyss Walkthrough

Travel slightly northeast of Nameless Ruins to Leper’s Smile to trigger this quest. After choosing who to sacrifice to the vescavors (you can go with various party members if you “look into the faces of your companions”), decide whether to fight or scatter. The former option will see whoever you chose to sacrifice die (well, most of them)

The Music of the Abyss Walkthrough

Buff your party (particularly anything that helps Fortitude) and equip non-piercing/slashing weapons if possible, then press forward as you fight your way through the swarms.

Take your first left and loot the camp to acquire Silky Veilds (robe). In the southwest corner with the two swarms you’ll find Ring of Stitches. Slightly north of that you’ll encounter Vescavor Royal Guard and find Keen Shortspear +2.

The Music of the Abyss Walkthrough

In the center of the map you’ll find a narrow crevice, from which a strange noise emanates. Passing the Perception check will reveal a person of small stature at the bottom; failing the Athletics check will see the vescavors eat him alive.

The Music of the Abyss Walkthrough

Further north you’ll find the Vescavor Queen at last. Buff up then target her with Fortitude spells like Ray of Sickening (after using Vulnerability Curse for her high spell resistance). Keep a close eye on your tank too, as they’ll take big damage here.

After the fight, you’ll discover a handkerchief was planted on you to attract the vescavors. Gather up the queen’s goop if you want to use her swarms in the fight to come.

Nurah will show up next and ascertain someone recently summoned the Vescavor Queen. Loot the body in the corner afterward to acquire Hunter’s Assurance (shortbow).

Wight cave

Take the exit into the cave, where you’ll fight Wights. Northwest, along the water you’ll find a skeleton holding Belt of Incredible Dexterity +4.

The Music of the Abyss Walkthrough

Further along you’ll encounter Garkel and his Wight minions. All of them will continue to rise after being “killed” unless you use the Wand of Zacharius in the box along the shoreline. If you go with the evil option, the corpses will be sent into oblivion and you will earn 54XP; the good option will force you to fight and kill them. Loot the area afterward to acquire Curse Pilaff (recipe).

The Music of the Abyss Walkthrough

Back at the entrance, take the northeast path now to find Longsword +2 along the left wall with the larvae. Continue on north to fight two Vrocks, which should drop easily. Loot the humans afterward to find Radiant Kukri +1.

The Music of the Abyss Walkthrough

Backtrack a bit, going south then east to battle a couple Derakni. Post-fight, look for the Athletics check on the northwest side. Pass it to fight Hunter Retriever, the boss. Haste + Ray of Exhaustion will work wonders here. After the battle, loot Retriever’s Claw (dagger) from the body as well as Amulet of Apothecary from the human body to the right.

Loot Voice of Hollow (1H mace) in the rear corner (east side of the map) near where you fought the Derakni, then exit the cave, making sure to take Vermin Bane Elven Curved Blade +2 with you.

Take the ladder above the ritual symbol out to the world map.

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