Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Woljif Jefto Quest Guide

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Woljif Jefto

How to Recruit Woljif Jefto
Woljif Jefto can be found in the basement of Defender’s Heart (Quest Out of Parole). Note that he will disappear from the basement after the first assault on Defender’s Heart, so be sure to recruit him on first meeting.
Woljif Jefto will temporarily leave your team after quest A Blow from the Sky. He will later return in quest On the Cusp of Abyss.
In quest Dark Moon Rising, you choice will decide Woljif gets human ending or demon ending.

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Woljif Jefto Quest Guide

Crescent of the Abyss Walkthrough

Loyalty has never been Woljif Jefto’s strong suit. However, he should be commended for his self-restraint: he ran from the Commander during the gargoyle attack, but only after traveling with him almost the whole way to Drezen. How far could he have gotten? It is not impossible that the Commander will soon find out. When people like Woljif get into trouble, they usually hurry back to the people they previously betrayed.

Wait for events to unfold
Woljif fled, but even a tiefling as slippery as him cannot hope to survive long in the Worldwound on his own. Perhaps the Commander will see Woljif again before he has time to miss his endless stream of inane chatter.

Find Voetiel
Be careful what you wish for. Woljif Jefto, who has dreamed of power his whole life, now finds himself its unwilling pawn: on the one side, he is under threat from cultists, who still see him as their oracle, while on the other side, he is being pursued by Voetiel, who wants the Moon of the Abyss. After encountering the Commander, the young tiefling decided to pit servants against master and go to meet Voetiel – at a clearing by a bend in a dried-up river.

Talk to Woljif in private
The ploy worked, but the Commander’s victory was not absolute. The opponents were routed, but Voetiel, servant of Hepzamirah, managed to escape to lick his wounds. It is no surprise that Woljif is still concerned and wishes to speak to the Commander in private.

Woljif, the master of getting others to do his dirty work for him, took advantage of the Commander’s help and once again emerged unscathed from a sticky situation. Perhaps recent events will make him a more valuable member of society… but it seems unlikely.

Dark Moon Rising Walkthrough

Often when in their native land, people begin to feel a special connection to it, even if they have never seen those particular surroundings before. Ever since he arrived in the Abyss, the home of his ancestor, Woljif has been hearing the voice of Ygefeles calling to him. On this occassion, the thief who has always sought to escape all shackles placed upon him, including those of loyalty, choose to show loyalty to the Commander . Will the Commander respond in kind by following him to the dead demon’s abode?

Take Woljif with you to the Upper City after you talked to him.

The abandoned mansion is to the southwest of the long bridge to Haren of Ardent Dreams, on the opposite side of Portal Up.

Dark Moon Rising Walkthrough

Defeat Voetiel in abandoned mansion, Ygefele will then reveal himself from the Moon of Abyss. Offer to enter Woljif’s body in exchange of his power.

You will need to observe Ygefele’s enticement of Woljif, good intervention will lead to Woljif Human ending, while evil or silence leads to Demon Ending.

If refused, Ygefele will attack the team, bring him down and loot the mansion. (includes lots of hidden rooms and chest, the most valuable loot here is a cloth Wandering Conman)

If you instructed Woljif to take power for himself, you will also need to fight Ygefele.

The path to one’s true self is different for everyone. Wolfij’s path is far from over, but an important milestone has been passed. He has accepted the part of his dual nature closest to his inner essence, and forever rid himself of his illusions about who he could become. This could be an inspiring and instructive tale, but unfortunately (or fortunately), this tiefling does not have the makings of an epic hero and is of little interest other than as a curious example of cross-species breeding.

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