Darkest Dungeon: Belly of the Beast Walkthrough

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Belly of the Beast Walkthrough If you have made it this far, congratulations! You have beated what is perhaps the hardest mission in the game, but don´t get confident yet for the next mission is quite hard if you go unprepared. On this mission you are tasked to activate a locus beacon, the size of … Read more

Darkest Dungeon: Positive & Negative Quirks

Darkest Dungeon Guide

Heroes: Positive Quirks I was not going to write about this, but i feel i need to. Quirks in this game are “passives” (like in a mmorpg or like lol) that grants a hero either a slight bonus (more damage, more health, etc) or a downgrade (more stress, less damage, etc). Most heroes comes with … Read more

Darkest Dungeon: Lightning the Way Walkthrough

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Lightning the Way Walkthrough Congratulations on your first real “victory”, but don’t get cocky yet for this mission is the hardest you will have to take on. But if you manage to beat it, then you can consider the game defeated. On this mission you are tasked to activate three iron crowns; for this you … Read more

Darkest Dungeon – How to Get the Musketeer

Judging by some of the reviews for the DLC, some people appear to be confused by the installation process. Hopefully this guide will clear it up. Who is the Musketeer? The Musketeer is a reskin of the “Arbalest” hero. She is virtually identical to her; the only differences being how she looks, the icons for … Read more

Darkest Dungeon: Monster Types in Each Zone

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This is just a brief list of all monster types and in which zones they are most present. Monster Types in Each Zone This list is intended as a quick reminder of which monster types appear where. Underlined monster types are the most prominent ones. RUINS – Unholy, Human, Beast WEALD – Eldritch, Human, Beast WARRENS … Read more

Darkest Dungeon: Lone Survivor and Dysfunction Achievement Guide

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There are several ways to get these 2 achievements but they rely too heavily on luck. This guide shows a far easier and reliable way to get them. Introduction Although these are far from being the hardest achievements to unlock, they can be quite bothersome to get so I decided to post a far simpler … Read more

Darkest Dungeon: We Are the Flame Walkthrough

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We Are the Flame Walkthrough So you made it this far, and are ready to embark in the first mission of the darkest dungeon. Well my friend let me give you some tips so you can even the odds, because believe me when i say the best is yet to come. On this mission you … Read more

Darkest Dungeon All Secret Achievements

This guide will show you all secret achievements and has a short explanation how to get them. You might want to avoid reading if you don’t want to spoil the surprise for yourself! That’ll do, pig… Lose a hero to Wilbur Wilbur will appear alongside the Swine Prince. Wilbur’s attacks are very weak so this … Read more

Darkest Dungeon: The Complete Guide to Provisions

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An quick guide to help you choose the right equipment for each dungeon type, and what party members to take. The Basics Darkest Dungeon is a zone-based RPG/RogueLite. That is to say that each different zone, or area of corruption in the case of DD, has a completely different strategy one needs to employ to … Read more

Darkest Dungeon: In the Mouth of Madness Achievement Guide

In the Mouth of Madness Achievement Guide In case you’re reading this and somehow don’t know, to unlock In the Mouth of Madness you have to beat the Sleeper with 2 afflicted heroes and 2 virtuous heroes. Not an easy task! Many achievements in the Darkest Dungeon hang on luck, but this one is riddled … Read more