Rust PC Keyboard Controls

Rust PC Keyboard Controls

The only aim in Rust is to survive – Overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals. Protect yourself from other players. Rust Controls & Hotkeys The controls listed below are the default controls that may be changed by the user. Up W Left A Down S … Read more

Rust – Furnace Guide

This guide allows rust players to effectively smelt resources in: small furnace large furnace oil refinery This will prevent resources from overflowing while producing to maximum capacity. Smelting 5 wood per 1 metal ore 2.5 wood per 1 sulfur ore 10 wood per 1 high quality metal ore Small Furnace Metal Ore Smelt Time: 33 … Read more

Rust CCTV Camera Codes: Computer Station Camera Identifiers

Rust CCTV Camera Codes Computer Station Camera Identifiers

This guide provides all of the new CCTV Camera Station Names/Identifiers/Codes that are globally available at most monuments in Rust. Currently Found Identifiers Dome DOME1 DOMETOP Small Oil Rig OILRIG1DOCK OILRIG1L1 OILRIG1L2 OILRIG1L3 OILRIG1L4 OILRIG1HELI Large Oil Rig OILRIG2DOCK OILRIG2L1 OILRIG2L2 OILRIG2L3A OILRIG2L3B OILRIG2L4 OILRIG2L5 OILRIG2L6A OILRIG2L6B OILRIG2L6C OILRIG2L6D OILRIG2HELI OILRIG2EXHAUST Airfield AIRFIELDHELIPAD Outpost COMPOUNDSTREET … Read more

Rust – Taking Down the Patrol Helicopter

The patrol helicopter is a npc that flies around the map. Its model is a bell uh-1y venom armed with a machine gun on each side and a cannon on each side. The patrol helicopter has some mechanics which can change its behavior. Helicopters spawn in from 2 – 4 hours and it will patrol … Read more

Rust Mining Nodes Effectively


After playing the game for a considerable amount of time, I have noticed that there’s a common misconception about how nodes really work. I’ve explained to friends how to mine nodes the quickest and easiest, they have all been surprised. I know most experienced players know this so this is more for people with less … Read more

Rust: Component Scrap Value

Rust Component Scrap Value

This is what you will get if you recycle each kind of component. Component Scrap Value Recycling Value Semi Body = 15 Scrap 2 HQM 75 Metal Fragments SMG Body = 15 Scrap 2 HQM Rifle Body = 25 Scrap 2 HQM Gears = 10 Scrap 13 Metal Fragments Spring = 10 Scrap 1 HQM … Read more

Rust – How to Survive Your First Day

This guide is about how to survive your first days of Rust. Whether you’re a new player or an older one, you may need a guide to show you how to survive in the magnificent game we call, Rust. Your First Day On your first day/night of Rust, after you’re done getting beaten by other … Read more

Rust – Tips for Base Building

Rust - Tips for Base Building

In this guide i willl teach u, how to build good house and difficult to be raided. Putting Together a Rust Base Design Strategy Surviving in the game of RUST requires experience in many areas, but arguably, one of the most important areas is RUST base design. There are many dynamic factors that contribute to … Read more

Rust – Blueprints Level Guide

This is a quick pictures of blueprints for the various workbench levels that is current as of November 23, 2018. Remastered version from original one. About As a new player I had difficulty figuring out which blueprint came from what. This is a generalized summary via pictures as to what blueprint comes from what workbench. … Read more

Rust – Explosive Crafting Guide

Explosive Craft Material / Quantity Gun Powder – 50 Low Grade – Fuel 3 Sulfur – 10 Metal Fragments – 10 C4-Craft Material / Quantity Explosive – 20 Cloth – 5 Tech Trash – 2 YOU NEED 2,000 OF SULFUR FOR 1 C4. Rocket-Craft Material / Quantity Metal Pipe – 2 Gun Powder – 150 … Read more