Stationeers – Surviving Titan

These are my findings so far on surviving my own mod world of Titan. Other Stationeers Guides: Stationeers – Semi-automated Manufacturing Stationeers – Guide to Europa Stationeers – Multiplayer Guide Overview Titan is a custom world I made that I figure would be a really interesting and difficult place to be. A lot of naive would-be … Read more

Stationeers – Multiplayer Guide

A simple and short guide on how to quickly setup your game to have your friends join you! Intro Hi folks, this is just a quick and simple guide on how to setup your game to have your friends join you! You are halfway done, just few simple steps between game setting and portforwarding and … Read more

Stationeers – Guide to Europa

Stationeers - Guide to Europa

Europa is the most difficult location in the game as of yet. I’m sure the game developer could make a more difficult location, but, if they did, it would most likely be an extremely hot lava planet orbiting a singularity. Almost any guide I make for Europa will be a too long didn’t read guide, … Read more

Stationeers – Semi-automated Manufacturing

Stationeers - Semi-automated Manufacturing

I’ve come with a relatively compact and cheap design for automating crafting machines. You select an amout of items to be made and the setup will create exactly that number of items and delivers it in a stack. Overview Hello fellow players. I’ve come up with a little something that migh help you with managing … Read more

Stationeers: The Basics of Integrated Circuits (IC’s)

This guide will help to explain the basics of integrated circuits, including what you need, the interfaces and programming. Kit (IC Housing), Integrated Circuit (IC10) & Motherboard (IC Editor) To do most things with integrated circuits you will need both a Kit (IC Housing), an Integrated Circuit (IC10) and a Computer with the Motherboard (IC … Read more