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Tropico 6: Industry Profits Guide

This guide tries to give an overview for all producing buildings in Tropico 6 and their corresponding production and consumption values. For each day a building is visited by a worker it produces and consumes the following goods.

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For better understanding some notes:

  1. All production and consumption numbers are for 100 effectiveness.
  2. Tradeprices for Goods are unmodified at 100%.
  3. Profits are calculated by: [Production of good X] * [Tradeprice of good X] – [Consumption of good Y] * [Tradeprice of good Y]
  4. HS stands for High School education required.


BuildingWorkersConsumptionProductionProfit per Workday
Lumber Mill4
Normal Mode4 Logs10 Planks$15.00
Hasty Debarking6.8 Logs13 Planks$17.10
Rum Distillery4
Normal Mode6.8 Sugar3.5 Rum$15.20
Dunder Still5.1 Sugar3.5 Rum$19.45
Tannery53.65 Hides1.825 Leather$7.12
Pineapple2.85 Pineapple2.5 Canned Goods$7.44
Fish1.875 Fish2.5 Canned Goods$7.12
Meat1.7 Meat2.5 Canned Goods$8.09
Meat1.15 Coffee2.52 Canned Goods$7.73
Dextrorotatory Lactic Acid2.25 Milk3.75 Cheese$13.43
Laevorotatory Acid2.3 Milk3.8 Cheese$13.56
Cigar Factory5 HS
Normal Mode6.3 Tobacco2.5 Cigars$15.21
Climate Control5.1 Tobacco2.5 Cigars$17.79
Shipyard5 HS
Planks7.75 Planks1 Boat$15.72
Steel3 Steel1 Boat$16.40
Aluminium6 Aluminium1 Boat$16.40
Steel Mill8 HS1.25 Iron and 1.25 Coal2.5 Steel$6.88
Textile Mill10
Cotton3.2 Cotton2 Cloth$6.08
Wool1.8 Wool2 Cloth$6.17
Unified Weaving Feeder0.8 Cotton and 0.45 Wool2.65 Cloth11.76
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Industry #2

BuildingWorkersConsumptionProductionProfit per Workday
Weapon Factory8 HS2.5 Steel and 1.5 Nickel2 Weapons$10.70
Chocolate Factory5
Sweet Chocolate2 Cocoa and 2.7 Sugar3 Chocolate$8.85
Dark Chocolate4 Cocoa3 Chocolate$8.40
Furniture Factory5
Planks7.8 Planks2 Furniture$8.42
Plastics6.5 Plastics2 Furniture$7.90
Jewelry Workshop4 HS1.5 Gold1.525 Jewelry$11.66
Plastic Plant5
Standard Fabrication0.8 Oil6.5 Plastics$10.98
2.7 Corn6.5 Plastics$11.50
High Speed Fabrication1.6 Oil11.5 Plastics$18.06
5.45 Corn11.4 Plastics$18.74
Vehicle Factory10 HS2 Steel and 2.3 Rubber1 Car$10.24
Electronics Factory8 HS4.1 Plastics and 0.375 Gold2.75 Electronics$12.91
Fashion Company4
Leather4 Leather3 Apparel$18.00
Cloth4.4 Cloth3 Apparel$16.72
Leather and Cloth2 Cloth and 2 Leather3 Apparel$18.40
Pharmaceutical Company6 HS
Genuine Generics1.3 Oil2.5 Pharmaceuticals$17.63
Powerful Placebos2.5 Sugar2.5 Pharmaceuticals$21.00
Banana9.1 Banana5 Juice$11.53
Pineapple9.1 Pineapple5 Juice$12.44
Coconut7.5 Coconut5 Juice$14.62
Banana-Pineapple4.55 Banana and 4.55 Pineapple5 Juice$11.98
Banana-Coconut4.55 Banana and 3.75 Coconut5 Juice$13.08
Coconut-Pineapple3.75 Coconut and 4.55 Pineapple5 Juice$13.53


CropWorkersProductionProfit per Workday
Corn82 Corn$4.00
Banana82.5 Banana$4.25
Pineapple82.5 Pineapple$4.00
Sugar81.5 Sugar$3.75
Cocoa81 Cocoa$3.60
Tobacco81.8 Tobacco$3.87
Coffee81 Coffee$3.80
Cotton83.5 Cotton$4.72
Rubber81.2 Rubber$3.84
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Hydroponic Plantations

CropWorkersProductionProfit per Workday
Corn4 HS4.5 Corn$9.00
Banana4 HS5.65 Banana$9.61
Pineapple4 HS5.65 Pineapple$9.04
Sugar4 HS3.4 Sugar$8.50
Cocoa4 HS2.25 Cocoa$8.10
Tobacco4 HS4 Tobacco$8.60
Coffee4 HS2.25 Coffee$8.55
Cotton4 HS7.9 Cotton$10.66
Rubber4 HS2.8 Rubber$8.96


LifestockWorkersProductionProfit per Workday
Cattle41.5 Meat and 2 Hides$4.95
Sheep41.5 Wool and 0.5 Milk$4.62
Crocodile40.8 Leather$4.32
Pig42 Meat$4.60
Llama42 Wool$4.70
Goat42 Milk$4.40

Factory Ranches

LifestockWorkersConsumptionProductionProfit per Workday
Cattle43 Corn6 Meat and 8 Hides$13.80
Sheep43 Corn6 Wool and 2 Milk$12.50
Crocodile43.3 Fish4 Leather$13.02
Pig44 Corn9 Meat$12.70
Llama43 Corn8 Wool$12.80
Goat42 Corn8 Milk$13.60


MineralWorkersProductionProfit per Workday
Coal52 Coal$4.80
Iron52 Iron$5.00
Gold50.6 Gold$5.40
Uranium50.4 Uranium$4.80
Aluminium52 Aluminium$5.20
Nickel51.2 Nickel$5.04

Automated Mines

MineralWorkersProductionProfit per Workday
Coal36.7 Coal$16.08
Iron36.7 Iron$16.75
Gold32 Gold$18.00
Uranium31.35 Uranium$16.20
Aluminium36.7 Aluminium$17.42
Nickel34 Nickel$16.80


BuildingWorkersProductionProfit per Workday
Fish Farm4 HS
Fish3.85 Fish$10.01
Shellfish3.85 Shellfish$10.78
Oil Well4 HS1 Oil$7.40
Oil Rig6 HS1.25 Oil$9.25
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