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Valheim Guide to Mountain & Plains


New Resources Available: Silver, Wolf Fang, Wolf Pelt, Freeze Gland, Obsidian.

Enemies: Wolf, Fenring, Drake, Stone Golem.

General Guide

Before venturing up onto the mountains, you’ll want to make a decent number of frost resistance meads. One batch (6) should do for a single person easily. You’ll want to go to a decently sized mountain with plenty of area to explore. If you see drakes, you’re probably on a big enough mountain. You’ll also want to bring enough resources to toss down a small cabin with a bed, campfire, and boxes. A portal is recommended for ease of moving other resources and such.

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Similar to all other metals, you’ll want a means to transport your silver back to base, or do so on site if you prefer. To find silver, you’ll need to equip the wishbone. You’ll know you’ve found a silver vein when it pulses green around you and there is an audio que as well. The closer you are, the faster it pulses. Once you think you’re about on top of it, dig down. It’s basically a metal detector. Avoid trapping yourself in as Drakes love to spit ice at you when you’re stuck in a hole you dug yourself into.

Follow the usual formula for getting better gear with Silver now, and take a gander at the interesting new options for weapons and armor. The wolf chest piece or cape is recommended first for its frost resistance, enabling you to generally not need the frost resistance meads, however if you are wet upon entering the mountain biome, you will still freeze even with these equipped, but a mead will prevent this.


New Resources Available: Lox Pelt, Black Metal, Needle. (More To Be Added)

Enemies: Fuling, Lox, Deathsquito. (More To Be Added)

General Guide

I haven’t actually done much in the Plains yet, as I’ve yet to actually finish the Mountain biome just yet.

What I can tell you, however, is that Lox Meat is very good food, and making the Lox Cape is much cheaper than making the Wolf Cape, for the same values (as far as I can tell). I can also tell you that until you have Silver gear, fighting anything in the Plains is a very risky proposition, as they are fast and deadly.

Deathsquitos are especially annoying if you don’t notice them for any reason, as they hit pretty hard and fast, and are hard targets to hit when not coming in for an attack. It is best to kill Deathsquitos well before they notice you to avoid having them dodge your arrows.

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