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Forager: All Tools Guide

The highly popular and quirky “idle game that you want to actively keep playing”. Explore, craft, gather & manage resources, find secrets and build your base out of nothing! Buy land to explore and expand!

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All Tools

Tools are usable items that can be upgraded for better effects. They don’t occupy an inventory slot and are instead displayed in a separate screen. The player starts with the Basic Pickaxe.


The Pickaxe is used to harvest resources, but can also be used to fight.

Slimy PickaxeIron Ingot x8, Wood x8, Jelly x4Damage increased by 75%. Gain 50% more Jelly from killing Slimes.
Bone PickaxeIron Ingot x16, Brick x8, Bone x4Damage increased by 150%. Gain 50% more Bone from killing Skeletons.
Fiery PickaxeSteel x12, Glass x12, Hot Pepper x8Damage increased by 225%. Attacks burn resources.
Crystal PickaxeRoyal Steel x2, Plastic x4, Crystal x10Damage increased by 300%. Attacks freeze resources.
Demon PickaxeElectronics x3, Plastic x5, Demon Horn x50Damage increased by 375%. Things explode when destroyed.
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The Shovel is used for digging for items and to plow the soil for farming. Special spots are marked which contain more items when dug, such as Sand, Coal and Gems.

ShovelIron Ingot x4, Wood x4None
Water ShovelIron Ingot x8, Wood x8, Jelly x8Digging area increased
Nomad’s ShovelSteel x10, Sand x32, Bottled Beetle x5Diggin area increased. Digging always yields sand.
Royal ShovelRoyal Steel x2, Plastic x4, Topaz x8Digging area increased. Digging always yields ores.
Robotic ShovelElectronics x2, Plastic x6, Bottled Deathmoth x16Digging area increased. Digging always yields rare items.


Swords are used for combat and deal a lot more damage than the Pickaxe. You gain a Basic Sword when the skill Combat is learned.

Bone SwordIron Ingot x16, Brick x8, Bone x4Deals 50% more damage against enemies.
Golden SwordSteel x4, Thread x4, Gold Ingot x4, TopazDeals 100% more damage against enemies. Slain enemies drop coins.
Druid SwordRoyal Steel, Leather x4, Flower x2, Nightshade x2, Lavender x2Deals 150% more damage against enemies. Slain enemies drop herbs.
Crystal SwordRoyal Steel, Royal Clothing, Crystal x5, AmethystDeals 200% more damage against enemies. Resources can be targeted.
Demon SwordElectronics x5, Fiberglass x5, Demon Horn x100, Ruby x5Deals 250% more damage against enemies. May shoot fireballs while attacking.
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Bows are used for ranged combat, but they can also destroy resources from the start, making them an excellent early and mid game replacement for the Pickaxe. With the Quiver Artifact, a few upgrades and the Ballistics skill to shoot 3 arrows instead of 1, the bow can make quick work of an entire Land’s resources.

Short BowWood x8, Thread x2, Arrow x2
Skull BowIron Ingot x8, Leather x2, Bone x4Arrows now burn targets!
Crystal BowSteel x4, Glass x2, Crystal x4Arrows now freeze targets!
Demon BowRoyal Steel x5, Fiberglass x5, Demon Horn x50Arrows now explode on hit!


There are four Rods in total and each of them can be found by completing the four Dungeons. Rods have a cooldown between uses and can be removed with the Magic Scepter Artifact. Rods can be upgraded with a Spirit Crystal, unlocked by learning the Froststrike skill.

Necro RodCan spawn Skeletons and Skeleton Warriods. Useful for farming Bones and Great Skulls.Skull Maze
Fire RodShoots fireballs.Fire Temple
Ice RodFreezes objects and enemies.Crystal Cave
Thunder RodFires a beam of lightning can power up objects , attack enemies and melt ice.Ancient Tomb
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The Obliterator

The Obliterator can destroy anything in 1 hit. It will cost 100 Fiberglass, 100 Electronics and 100 Great Skull to craft. You’ll need a Factory to craft it. It can be useful to destroy ground tiles, obelisks and other puzzle objects.

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