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Animal Crossing New Horizons Types of Bunny Day Eggs

There are 6 types of Bunny Day Eggs in all, and each of them are found using unique methods. They include the following:

Types of Bunny Day Eggs

  • Leaf Eggs: A certain number of trees on your island will bear eggs instead of fruit, and you can shake the tree to earn 3 Leaf Eggs per tree.
  • Sky Eggs: In addition to regular Balloon Presents that blow into the island, there will also be Egg Balloons that blow in at a much faster rate and speed. Hitting them with a Slingshot will either produce a Sky Egg, or a Bunny Day Recipe.
  • Water Eggs: Look around the sea and rivers for medium-sized shadows in the water, that will have a chance of fishing up an egg instead of a normal fish.
  • Stone Eggs: Using a shovel or axe, strike a stone multiple times for the chance for eggs to pop out instead of normal resources found from striking stones.
  • Wood Eggs: Using any type of axe (preferably a stone one so you don’t cut it down), chop any tree – including palm trees – for a chance at getting eggs to come out instead of the normal types of wood.
  • Earth Eggs: These eggs will be mixed in with fossils in the ground, sporting the same crack in the ground, and will be buried randomly over your island each day.
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How Bunny Day Works

In the lead-up to the actual Bunny Day (April 12th), Zipper will appear on your island to inform you that he’s hidden eggs all over your island. They only appear outdoors, and can be found in a variety of ways that will require you to use tools or gather resources – where eggs can sometimes take the place of normal resources or objects.

The different eggs can be used to craft unique Bunny Day recipes that are given by Zipper himself, learned by picking up eggs, or found in special egg balloon presents.

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