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Metro Exodus – Equipment

Metro Exodus Equipment

Artyom has access to all the same items as before:

  • He has to use a cigarette lighter to burn the web (L key)
  • The way forward can be illuminated by a flashlight which is charged by a special device (activate flashlight – press F key, charge flashlight – hold F key and press LMB several times)
  • Gas mask is used to protect Artyom from radiation (hold G key to put the gas mask on or take it off, press G key to wipe or seal the glass).
  • At the Volga location, Artyom can find a night vision device (also in The Taiga). To activate the device, press the N key
  • The binoculars are used to explore the location of the opponents and mark interesting points on the map (press B key to take the binoculars)
  • Press M key to open the map (right-click to zoom or LMB to expand the tablet and find the goal of the mission). The map will become available starting from the Volga.

But that’s not all. Now, you can improve the outfit of the main hero. For this, you need to place one of the upgrades that you have found in the corresponding slot. In total, four slots are available: helmet, body armor, charger and bracer. Each slot has one upgrade by default: in fact, these improvements describe the standard functions of the item so even if you switch to any other upgrade, the functions of the first slot will remain unchanged.

Three more upgrades can be found for helmet, body armor, bracer and charger. The effect of each of these upgrades will vary so choose what you see fit.

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