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Mortal Online – Horse Guide

A basic guide to help players get up on their first horse and riding.

Obtaining a Horse

As a new player your easiest option for getting a horse is to purchase from other players. You can do this directly or try to find one for sale on the town broker.

Another option is to tame your own. Taming though is beyond the scope of this tutorial however, so we will stick with the idea that players will be purchasing horses in this guide.

First thing to note is that new players will need to find horses within the range of level 25-50. Lower of a level then the horse will be to young to mount. Higher of a level then the player will not have enough ‘Pet Points’ to mount and ride the horse.

So just keep that in mind when shopping. Otherwise you will not be able to ride the horse you purchase until you get your pet points up. And possibly even lose the horse to low loyalty.

Pet Points

So what are these ‘Pet Points’ I keep mentioning?

Pet points are a way to limit how powerful and how many pets a player can control at one time. Yes that is right, in Mortal online you can have control of multiple pets at one time. Though we will not concern ourselves with that here.

The amount of points a player has is determined by their Creature Control Skill level. A player with 0 skill starts with 25 pet points. This is enough to get control the level 25-50 horses without any point investment in the creature control skill. As I mentioned earlier.

Points beyond that go up at 1 point for ever 2 levels of Creature Control. While advanced creature control gives 1 point after every 4 levels.

You also get bonuses for having knowledge of the species (For horses that is the Equidae lore.). So, players can raise these skills to free up Pet Points. Which in turn will allow them to control higher level creatures or even multiple creatures.

A player can check their current Available Pet Points in their pet UI. This UI can be accessed with the icon at the bottom of the game screen, or by pressing the letter ‘K’ on the keyboard.If they currently do not control a bet then it will say something like 0/25 pet points. Though It could possibly be more because of bonuses.

If a player with 25 pet points take control of a low level horse which costs 25 points then it would display 25/25 points. If the same player however took control of a horse that costs 30 points then it would display 30/25 points and be red. This means that they do not have the needed points. The player will not be able to mount the horse and it would lose loyalty rapidly. If this was not addressed then the horse would eventually abandon the player.

Horse Stats

Another thing to consider when purchasing a horse is its stats. They may not seem important for the first horse you purchase but knowing these things can help you make a better decision when looking into purchasing a horse.

The skills are:

Strength: “Reduces how fast your mount can break, increases piercing and slashing defence, increases stamina drain.”

Strength also effects your max carry weight and will list that number when moused over in the pet UI.

Dexterity: “Increases max jump height, max speed, trun rate and how fast the mount speeds up/down”

Constitution: ” Reduces mount stamina drain.”

Psyche: “Used for magic damage reduction and increase boost time as well as decrease stamina drain when boosting.”

Intelligence: “Higher INT means less chance that the mount will throw you off.”

Max Speed: Effects and lists the Speed stat and max jump.

Size: ” Adds chance to knock someone down, Increases blunt defense, increases stamina drain, increases speed.”

Weight: “Increases chance of knocking down, increases stamina drain”

Feeding Your Horse

To keep your horse happy and retain its loyalty you also need to keep it fed.

The way it works is your horse has a hunger stat. Your horse will not eat if that stat is below 100 since it will not be hungry. It will show show as 0/1000. With Zero being good since it means the horse is completely full and higher numbers being bad. (Note: Not sure why but this works completely the opposite of the Loyalty stat where low numbers are bad and a higher number is good.)

But if the stat is above 100 then you will be able to feed it by opening the pet UI, selecting the tab for that horse and then dropping food from your inventory into the area that says “Drop Food Here to feed it to pet”.

At that point there will be a message in the chat that says if the horse like that food or not. Either way the horse will eat enough of that food to bring them to zero or as far as all of that food will bring it down. The food the horse likes however will bring it down more than food that it says it does not like.

Another thing to note here is that some things that you feed a horse can heal it as well.

Pet Commands

To control you will need access to the pet command buttons. They can be found in the base bet UI for controlling all pets. And also on the individual pet tabs to control those pests specifically. They will work from the UI directly but you may wish to add the commonly used ones to a quick bar for easier access.

The commands are as follows:

  • Attack: Attacks your current target.
  • Follow: Pet Will follow target, or you if no target
  • Stay: Pet will remain in current location.
  • Aggressive: Pet will be set to attack at its own discretion
  • Passive: Pet will be set to not attack or defend.
  • Defensive: Pet will be set to attack only in defense.
  • Open Pet Bag: Open pet bag if available.
  • Equipment: Equip pet in armor, bags and more.
  • Rename: Give this pet a new name.
  • Transfer: Transfer pet ownership to your current target. Opens a trade window with pet included.
  • Abandon: Abandon and release this pet.

Pet Gear

There is gear that can be put on horses to make them work better. For example Horse shoes reduces stamina drain and blinders reduce the time it takes for a mount to lower its speed.

The basic items are relatively cheap. So its pretty common practice to just put them all on if you can afford to purchase them. The loss of the horse itself will almost always be greater than the loss of this gear.

An exception may be the bags. If you are not currently hauling something that requires you to use bags, then you may want to just keep them in your inventory. Or not even bring them at all.

The reason for this would be to not tempt people into killing you just to find out what you may be carrying in the bags. Sure some will kill you no matter what but you can at least make it less tempting for those that are only looking for possible loot.
Mount up for the first time!
It is almost time to jump on that horse to ride. But first you will need to learn a little about the skill of riding itself.

Pick up the riding book at any town library and start to read. Be sure that you have the riding skill unlocked and have some primary skill points available. Then just jump on your horse and ride.

Don’t fear if you do not have the hang of it at first. Just dust yourself off and give it another go. You will soon be riding effortlessly on your new found friend.

Happy Trails!

One final thing to note is that your horse will stay in the world alone if you log off without being on it. So be sure to mount it or place it in the stables before logging off. Left alone the pet will soon feel abandoned and lose loyalty. If it loses to much loyalty then it will disown you and no longer be considered your pet. It is even rumored that pets can die from the heart ache of abandonment.

So take care of your pet and enjoy the ride!

Written by tinastroud

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