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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Unlocking Ditchdigging Simulator Achievement

Unlocking Ditchdigging Simulator Achievement

This achievement may sound easy, but finding a suitable location in a real game can be difficult, and no one wants to throw an entire game with horrible city placement just for a single achievement. This guide will show you the easiest way to unlock this achievement, save for modding.

Game Setup

  • Map: True Start Location Europe
  • Civ: Russia
  • Era: Information
  • Speed: Online
  • Disable Barbarians
  • Remove every possible civ slot, fill the only AI slot with England.
  • Disable all win conditions except Domination

Unlocking the Achievement

You can choose to play normally, but I recommend these steps:

Settle your capital where you spawn. Produce builders or military engineers to be able to chop forest in next two cities or contribute to canal production.
Delete your military; they bleed gold and won’t be needed.

You must settle your next two cities like so:

Unlocking Sid Meier's Ditchdigging Simulator Achievement

For the single Canal districts, use military engineers to boost production.

For the Panama Canal wonder, I recommend having the East city build it as there is forest to the East which can be chopped to boost production.


You should be able to complete it within 15 minutes only producing builders/military engineers in the capital and producing the district/wonder in the Southern cities.

Hope this helped, happy achievement hunting!

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