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Total War Three Kingdoms: How to Unlock Zhao Yun

Characters in THREE KINGDOMS touch every part of the campaign game. They are the generals of your armies, inhabit key posts in your faction hierarchy, boost productivity in your commanderies, engage in espionage on your behalf, and grant benefits to every aspect of your game, both on the campaign map and in battle.

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Characters are complex. They have different personalities, different drives and motivations, and build relationships – both positive and negative – with those around them. You must attend to their needs in order to keep them loyal, and shield them from situations which will dissatisfy or endanger them.

How to Unlock Zhao Yun

1. Play Gongsun Zan.

If you don’t want to play Gongsun Zan then.

2. Get a single female general, get friendly with Gongsun Zan, then use her to marry Zhao Yun to your faction. You need a hefty amount of money to do that.

3. Get friendly with Gongsun Zan (again), then try your best to annex him.

4. Fight Gongsun Zan and capture Zhao Yun. There are 2 things you need to prepare to get him:

  • At least 1 character in your army that has skill to increase capture chance (you can get by leveling up).
  • A spy in Gongsun Zan territory, use the spy to deteriorate the relationship between Gongsun Zan and Zhao Yun. If they still like each other he won’t join you ever.

5. Employ a friend of Zhao Yun, wait desperately for GSZ faction to be destroyed, than hope that Zhao Yun appears in your court as free agent.

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