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Bloons TD 6 How to get the Perfect Paragon

How to get the perfect paragon achievement/get a max level paragon in solo game (also works in multiplayer).

Perfect Paragon Guide

Getting a perfect paragon or level 100 paragon is actually quite simple and here is a very simple and straight forward way to do so.

This is a guide on how to get the Dart Monkey paragon in solo play but also works on solo, its important you use the dart money for this but using other monkeys to this guide can work as well you would just need more of Geraldo’s Paragon Power Totems which I will explain in step 4.

A paragon requires power and to get a tier 100 paragon,it requires 200,000 power. Each tier 5 tower will get you 10,000 power (all together). (Why using the dart money allows you to place 4 tier 5 towers instead of the usual 3) Also every $25 dollars placed that will be sacrificed to the paragon will contribute 1 power with a maximum cap of 10,000 power (Excluding the tier 5 towers). So sacrificing 33 dart monkeys that are built 2-4-0 will get you to $253,770 to be sacrificed when it would be capped at $250,00. You only would be losing $3,770 which is not a lot.

Every 180 pops contribute 1 power for a max of 90,000 power so getting 16,200,000 pops across all towers that will be sacrificed will will allow you to get all 90,000 power. which brings our total power too 120,000. Which would be enough for a degree 79 dart paragon. So we need Geraldo’s (the hero) power totems which are available to purchase in his shop. Each totem is worth 1,500 power to we would need 54 paragon power totems to get 81,000 power which is 1,000 more power than we need but we need the last totem to go over the limit. And this would get us the Paragon dart money, this guide can help with other paragon towers as well just make sure to buy more paragon power totems as needed to compensate for the 1 less tier 5 dart monkey.

Next I will show you the steps for everything listed in the order I use for getting the tier 100 paragon.
(The hero Geraldo is needed for this guide)

Perfect Paragon

Steps needed

You need the Hero Geraldo, a lot of monkey money, and to be able to survive the rounds until everything is in position and ready. It is simple it may be difficult.

First step – You are going to want to place your maximum amount of tier 5 moneys, and through out the game make sure before you buy the paragon that your moneys have at least 16,200,000 pops combined.

Second Step – Make sure you have the 33 dart monkeys that are 2-4-0 built

Third Step – After you get Geraldo to level 20 make sure every round you are placing his paragon power totems. They refresh every round and you are going to need 54 of them to reach a max level paragon in solo.

Fourth Step – Wait for the 1st and 3rd step to be completed (2nd should already have been completed considering it is the quickest)and when that is the case upgrade to your tier 100 paragon. (If not in solo have everyone but their tier 5 towers and it will lessen the amount of paragon power totems you will need to purchase).

If you are having trouble and are losing before everything is ready to upgrade try building another paragon to carry you while your other monkeys are getting pops or building more paragon power totems. it will take you longer because the paragon you build to protect you will eat your paragon power totems you may already have but it may be worth it if you can spare the time to get you to where you need to be!

Here is a screenshot of what you need to have to get a level 100 paragon!

Perfect Paragon
Bloons TD 6: How to get the perfect paragon achievement/get a max level paragon in solo game
Perfect Paragon
Bloons TD 6: How to get the perfect paragon achievement/get a max level paragon in solo game

(The glue gunner and tack shooter were only there for protecting me from losing, they were not needed in the paragon)

Written by Clafe

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