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Total War Three Kingdoms: Trustworthiness Guide

Diplomacy is the process by which you manage relations with other factions. Much can be achieved through diplomacy that would otherwise be impossible. Factions can trade ancillaries, resources, territory and food, arrange marriages, form coalitions, lend and borrow money, threaten or declare war, annex other factions non-militarily, and much more.

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Trustworthiness Guide

Certain actions can impact how much other faction leaders respect and trust you. Treacherous acts, such as promising never to annex a vassal and then annexing them, or breaking a timed loan agreement, or attacking a coalition partner for example, constitute acts of treachery, and will reduce the trust that other leaders place in you. Your trustworthiness rating is noted below your faction leader’s name and faction rank in the diplomacy screen, and can be moused over for further information.

Trustworthiness does not affect diplomatic attitude, but is taken into account alongside diplomatic attitude during negotiations. For example, it’s perfectly plausible for a faction leader to have a very high diplomatic attitude towards you but, due to your treacherous actions in the past, he will be reluctant to sign a deal with you. He likes you – he just doesn’t trust you!

When your trustworthiness rating has been reduced, it will automatically recover over time, provided no more treacherous actions are taken.

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