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AI THE SOMNIUM FILES nirvanA Initiative Achievement Guide

Full-game spoiler warning! Just a simple guide to help getting all of the achievements. I would recommend only using this guide after beating the game; some icons and descriptions are a bit revealing. I’ve put tags over the big ones though.

Progression Achievements

One more time before we start, FULL-GAME SPOILER WARNING!
For these first achievements, you will get these just by completing Somnia.

1. Determination Full Achievement Guide!
Mizuki Chapter 0: Clear Ryuki’s Somnium.

2. Egoism Full Achievement Guide!-1
Ryuki Chapter 1: Clear Chikara’s Somnium.

3. Nirvana Full Achievement Guide!-2
Ryuki Chapter 2: Clear Tokiko’s Somnium.

4. Persona Full Achievement Guide!-3
Ryuki Chapter 3: Clear Komeji’s Somnium.

5. Causality Full Achievement Guide!-4
Ryuki Chapter 4 R1: Clear Amame’s Somnium.

6. Svabhava Full Achievement Guide!-5
Ryuki Chapter 4 R2: Clear Shoma’s Somnium.

7. Untethered Full Achievement Guide!-6
Ryuki Chapter 5 R1: Clear Iris’ Somnium.

8. Rainbow Full Achievement Guide!-7
Mizuki Chapter 1: Clear Kizuna’s Somnium.

9. Vajra Full Achievement Guide!-8
Mizuki Chapter 2: Clear Gen’s Somnium.

10. Inevitability Full Achievement Guide!-9
Mizuki Chapter 3: Clear the Masked Woman’s Somnium.

11. Ill-fated Full Achievement Guide!-10
Mizuki Chapter 4 M1: Clear Tearer’s Somnium.

12. Sisyphean Full Achievement Guide!-11
Mizuki Chapter 4 M2: Clear Lien’s Somnium.

13. All’s Right With The World Full Achievement Guide!-12
Mizuki Chapter 5 M1: Clear Amame’s second Somnium.

Ending Achievements

For these next achievements, you should again get most by just playing through the game.

14. Komeji and Shoma END Full Achievement Guide!-13
Ryuki Chapter 4 R2: Clear the Komeji/Shoma route.

15. Explosion END Full Achievement Guide!-14
Ryuki Chapter 5 R1: Clear the Explosion route.

16. Resolution END Full Achievement Guide!-15
Epilogue: Clear the Resolution route.


17. Gen and Amame END Full Achievement Guide!-16
Mizuki Chapter 5 M2: Clear Gen/Amame route.

18. Kizuna and Lien END Full Achievement Guide!-17
Mizuki Chapter 5 M3: Clear Kizuna/Lien route.

19. 閭。陜カ荵句、「邱ィEND Full Achievement Guide!-18
Ryuki Diverge: After learning the nil number in the Epliogue, head back to Ryuki Chapter 1 and tell Tokiko that you are a Frayer. The nil number is actually different for each player, so remember to write it down. Input the number and progress through this final ending.

20. Destination Atami END Full Achievement Guide!-19
Ryuki Chapter 3: Ask the Lemniscate receptionist out to Atami five times.

VR Achievements

These next achievements are awarded for completing the VR sections without making any mistakes.

21. Case Closed: Dead at Dvaita Full Achievement Guide!-20
Ryuki Chapter 1, VR Section

Correct answers:
1. How did the lights get turned off?
Examine the corpse.
2. How did the corpse fall down?
Select “The rigor mortis softened”.
3. Why did the corpse burn?
Examine the corpse again.

22. Case Closed: Daring Escape at Naix Full Achievement Guide!-21
Ryuki Chapter 2, VR Section

Correct answers:
1. What should we do with the statue?
Select “Use force”.
2. What should we do with the statue?
Select “Use force” again.
3. What is the code?
Multiply the numbers in each column.
4, 3*3, 2*0*2, 1*1*1*1, 2*0*2, 3*3, 5 -> “4901095”
Input 4901095.

23. Case Closed: Amame’s Actions Full Achievement Guide!-22
Ryuki Chapter 4, VR Section

Correct answers:
1. Where did Amame go first?
Examine the rope.
2. Where did Amame go next?
Examine the camera tripod.
3. Where did Amame go next?
Examine the electric kettle.
4. Where did Amame go next?
Examine the west door.

24. Case Closed: Corpse Transport Full Achievement Guide!-23
Mizuki Chapter 1, VR Section

Correct answers:
1. How was the body carried?
Select “Over Soccer field”.
2. Where are the prints?
Examine the halfway line.
3. What was used to carry the body?
Select “Robot”.

25. Case Closed: Mystery at Yoyagi Full Achievement Guide!-24
Mizuki Chapter 2, VR Section

Correct answers:
1. What do the hints mean?
Line up the clues “AEF” and “RLE”. By alternating letters, you can spell “ALFREE”.

2. What place has to do with ALFREE?
Examine the vending machine.

26. Case Closed: Horadori Institute’s Holding Cell Full Achievement Guide!-25
Mizuki Chapter 3, VR Section

Correct answers:
1. What did X do first?
Examine the power switch.
2. What did X do next?
Examine the hidden switch.
3. What did X do next?
Examine the tooth.
4. What did X do last?
Examine the foot switch.

27. Case Closed: Blackout Amusement Full Achievement Guide!-26
Mizuki Chapter 4, VR Section

Correct answers:
1. What did S do?
Select “Removed clothes from suitcase”.
2. Why did they need to make room?
Examine the corpse.
3. What did S do next?
Examine the stage floor.

Collection Achievements

The next achievements are awarded for collecting items. This includes files, hidden eyeballs and [Adult]-type Eyeballies.

28. Informant: Persons Full Achievement Guide!-27
Collect all Persons files.
You should get this by playing through the game.

29. Informant: Appendix Full Achievement Guide!-28
Collect 90 Appendix files.
I’ve linked a guide by Mori if you need help getting any. I was able to get more than 90 files without having to replay any section, but if you don’t examine a lot of items you may miss a few initially. To get the file, just replay the chapter and select the guide’s specified option.

Mori’s guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U7_Le30N87Q87rrzCRfyhej1DhKHvfc5ThSZiTYK14I

30. Informant: Trivia Full Achievement Guide!-29
Collect 50 Trivia files.
Again, if you need help getting any, look at Mori’s above guide.

31. Informant: Dream Album Full Achievement Guide!-30
Complete the Dream Album.
You’ll need to complete every Somnium with more than one second remaining and collect every hidden eyeball to unlock every page in the Dream Journal.

Most Somnia can be completed with 1s remaining fairly easily, just write down or memorise codes in ones like Nonentity Incognito (Tearer’s) and Novel Ingress (Lien’s). Remember that for Gen’s Somnium, you can get a 1/5th Timie by interacting with Amame before interacting with the food.
For collecting every hidden eyeball, look at the next achievement.

(Weird sidenote: you don’t actually have to buy any of these items to get the achievement!)

32. Cornea Collector Full Achievement Guide!-31
Find all the hidden eyeballs.
There are five eyeballs in every Somnium, and some can be missed very easily. If you need help finding any, Mori has another great guide.

Mori’s guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kPwO1v-w1ymGpvrWPt5AtX7a9yG4ML1vYF_vCa0bHm4

33. Powergamer Full Achievement Guide!-32
Collect 20,000 eyeballs.
You will probably get enough before completing the Dream Journal. If you need more, give your Eyeballie some more attention as raising a new Adult type will reward you with 1000.

34. Gacha Got Ya Full Achievement Guide!-33
Collect all [Adult]-type Eyeballies.
There are eight Adult-types to collect, all based on characters from the first game.

For the first stage, the pet will evolve into a Child depending on which stat is the highest.

TypeStat Needed

For the adult stage, a different stat may need to be the highest.
Evolves from Mizuki-ie:

TypeStat Needed
Date-ieBrave and Loving
Moma-ieImpish and Crazy

Evolves from Iris-ie: 

TypeStat Needed
Boss-ieBrave and Impish
Hitomi-ieLoving and Crazy

Evolves from Ota-ie:

TypeStat Needed
Pewter-ieLoving and Impish
Mama-ieBrave and Crazy

Evolves from Amame-ie:

TypeStat Needed
So-ieLoving and Crazy
Ritsuko-ieBrave and Impish

If you need more help with this one, check this guide: Gacha Got Ya Achievement Guide

Somnium Achievements

The following achievements are awarded for doing various things in Somnium.

35. An Awkward Halloween Full Achievement Guide!-34
Mizuki Chapter 0: In Ryuki’s Somnium, wear all equipable items.

This is only possible on the right branch of the Somnium.
To wear the pumpkin, interact with the back shelf in Boss’ room before opening Mental Lock #3.
To wear the shoes, interact with them after shooting Ryuki.
To equip the metal pipe, interact with it after equipping the shoes.

After putting on all three items, you should get the achievement.

36. Quiz King Full Achievement Guide!-35
Ryuki Chapter 4: Answer every question correctly in Amame’s Somnium.

The correct answers are as follows:
1. Choose the Vokeman (as Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 is playing).
2. Choose the Elephant Trinket (as Beethoven’s 5th Symphony is playing).
3. Choose the One-Wheeled Robot (as Bach’s Air on G String is playing).
4. Choose the answer on the right, FREEMASONS.
5. Choose the answer on the right, CHUPACABRA.
6. Choose the answer on the right, SUBLIMINAL.
7-10. Interact with the Magazine, Mysterious Person, Mizuki and Kizuna.
11-20. Select either option.

Upon completing the Somnium, you should get the achievement.

Also you can check: Quiz King Achievement Guide

37. Kusemon Master Full Achievement Guide!-36
Ryuki Chapter 5: Hatch the Black and White Bear and the Wanderer during Iris’ Somnium.

Pick up an egg by interacting with it (two certain topiary are eggs). Be sure to hatch the first egg before picking up the second, otherwise the first will be overwritten. It is recommended to do this in Unlimited Psync, as you hatch the egg by just walking around.

Once you’ve hatched Monokuma and Shiren, you should get the achievement.

38. A…do…roo…ster… Full Achievement Guide!-37
Ryuki Chapter 4: Narrowly avoid curse by Adorooster in Shoma’s Somnium.

This is identical to the Adorabbit easter egg in the first game. To see pure terror, lift the refrigerator after unlocking Mental Lock #3. Then, just interact with the pot to the left.

After seeing this scene play out, you should get the achievement.

39. All-Japan Shoe Toss Champion Full Achievement Guide!-38
Mizuki Chapter 1: Toss your shoe with max power at the end of Kizuna’s Somnium.

This one just comes down to timing. Press the directional button when Aiba reaches the peak of her swing to get the best result.

You should get the achievement after the shoe lands.

40. Surviving Hell’s Kitchen Full Achievement Guide!-39
Mizuki Chapter 2: Complete three rank 3 dishes in Gen’s Somnium.

This one is really easy, and you’ll need to complete one rank 3 dish to progress in the Somnium anyway. If you’re having trouble with the input strings, just mash as there is no penalty for a wrong input.

After cooking all three masterpieces, you should get the achievement.

41. Kunoichi vs. Mad Scientist Full Achievement Guide!-40
Mizuki Chapter 3: Clear the left branch of the Masked Woman’s Somnium without failing any QTEs or getting a Game Over.

If you’re having trouble with the QTEs, lowering the difficulty is always an option. Regardless, try not to get caught by Chikara and route the Somnium as efficiently as you can.

Once you complete the Somnium, you should get the achievement.

42. High Inquisitor Full Achievement Guide!-41
Mizuki Chapter 5: Present all evidence without mistakes in Amame’s second Somnium.

Similar to the VR sections and the Quiz King achievement, this one is awarded for not making any mistakes during logic segments.

Correct answers:
Mental Lock #1
1. Present What Amame Said in Yesterday’s Psync to Amame.
2. Present Key: Information in Sound to the Vokeman.
3. Present What Amame Said in Yesterday’s Psync and Person Discussing Nirvana Initiative to Amame.

Mental Lock #2
4. Present Key: Right Side Secret to the Naix’s Teachings book.
5. Present Naix’s Teachings and Broken Glass Doll to the Mysterious Person.
6. Present Naix’s Teachings, Broken Glass Doll and 4901095 to Amame.

Mental Lock #3
7. Present Did You See His Murderer, Tearer? to the body bag.
8. Present Key: Information in Sound to Shoma’s headphones.
9. Present Key: Right Side Secret to the damaged iron mask.
10. Present all remaining evidence to Amame.

Upon completing the Somnium, you should get this achievement.

43. Hanako’s Nightmare BAD END Full Achievement Guide!-42
Mizuki Chapter 5: Find Hanako in Amame’s second Somnium.

After unlocking the first Mental Lock, select “Read” on the scattered magazine. Aiba will repeat the code ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓ ← → ↓ ↓. Input this code before closing this text box and Hanako will appear.

You will need to retry the Somnium after, and as a result the code does not work on Unlimited Psync mode. After Hanako appears, you should get the achievement.

Misc. Achievements

The last set of achievements are awarded for remaining miscellaneous tasks throughout the game.

44. Stan Boss. Full Achievement Guide!-43
Boss’ Room: Examine every object.

There are supposedly 54 objects to interact with. Once examining them all, you should get the achievement.

45. He Who Shall Not Be Named Full Achievement Guide!-44
Various locations: Forget Kaniza’s name seven times.

Where to find Tsutsugamushi (or whatever his name is):
1. Converge Chapter 0: at the Stadium.
2. Converge Chapter 0: in Studio Dvaita.
3. Ryuki Chapter 4: in the Naix Japan Office.
4. Ryuki Chapter 5: in Studio Dvaita.
5. Mizuki Chapter 2: at Yoyagi Park.
6. Mizuki Chapter 4: at Misetan Amusement Park.
7. Epilogue: in Sunfish Pocket.

Upon seeing every conversation regarding his name, you should get the achievement.

46. Courtesy Chocolate Full Achievement Guide!-45
Mizuki Chapter 4: Give out chocolate to Detective Ushidera, the Police Officer and Shoma.

Where to find these characters:
1. Detective Ushidera: at Misetan Amusement Park (M1 Route).
2. Police Officer: at Misetan Amusement Park (M1 Route).
3. Shoma: in Central Hospital (M1 Route).
4. Shoma: in the Enda Residence (M2 Route).

After giving out all four pieces of chocolate, you should get the achievement.

47. Nu-Folk Anthem Full Achievement Guide!-46
Ryuki Chapter 1: Listen to Ryuki’s weird song.

Select “German suplex” when talking to Iris in Sekiba High. You should get the achievement when the conversation ends.

48. YOU FOUND IT! Full Achievement Guide!-47
3rd Class Cabin: Seek a way out!

Seek a door that carries a [9]… or I guess a 5 in this case. If you’re having trouble with this room, go play 999 (please).

Platinum Achievement

Upon completing all above 48 achievements, you should unlock…

49. nirvanA Initiative Full Achievement Guide!-48

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