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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Crashes Fix and Log Location

It helps to fix crashes on the game, worked 100% removing all the crashes to me.

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Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord How to Fix Crashes

I had constant crashes and seems that i solved them, after locating the log file of crashes inside ”C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\crashes” i opened the dump file and noticed an error 0xC0000005 ”the thread tried to read from or write to a virtual adress for wich it does not have the appropriate access.

I did two things, and i recommend you do the same too:

  1. Go into the directory of the game and set the launcher executable found inside the bin folder to compatibility mode ”administrator and windows 7”
  2. Disable steam overlay (it was shown in the error log of mount & blade)
  3. After searching the ”0xC0000005” error i went online and since it’s a general problem with some other programs i figured that trying something that worked for those program could have worked for Bannerlord, and basically what worked for me and it’s also good for your PC to perform is an ”sfc /scannow” command using a prompt command, just search for it after clicking start on windows and open it as administrator, type inside the black window ”sfc /scannow”, now wait until it is finished checking for windows issues and it will re-acquire those files, after that restart your PC and now should be working fine, so far the game had no crashed and i was crashing CONSTANTLY for every move i tried to make on the world map.

Hope that helped, may write a guide in the guide section soon in order to have more visibility, i know how frustrating it may be waiting 8 years for a game and having it unplayable.

Other Methods (Crashes Fix)

Method 2
This method will help you to fix Game crashes when trying to save.

You can get pass this issue by uninstalling the game, deleting all files related to the game from my system, then reinstalling it, making sure my firewall didn’t block the all .exe programs related to the game, and then finally, pressing save and exit after the tutorial instead of trying to save.

Method 3
If your game crashes is during large battles. it may be the Directx issues. you should redownload your Directx.

Method 4
If your game crashes midnight in “Army of Poachers” quest. here you can try this solution.
Turn on Cheat Mode on Documents/Bannerlord/engine_config to 1 instead of 0. Save it. Reload the game, not in safe mode.

Then, control left click right next to the village targetted. It’ll teleport you there – you should be able to interact with it before the day’s end and fulfill the quest.

After this, you can save, go back to the document and turn Cheat Mode back off.

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  1. The games crash everyone I start a new campaign the horse freezes and the crash start idk what to do it been three month like this I had 180 hours into before it happed

  2. The game crashes when i go on encyclopaedia kingdoms tab its so random and apparently it is some xml fault in the native files but i don’t know what is causing it exactly i have some mods but the rest of the game works.


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